Keeping Yourself Young At Heart

Age is a state of mind. It doesn’t mean that having gray hair and creaky bones is old. Nope, you’re far from that. Despite having a ravaged body with flab spilling out of your guts, you still see the multi-colored world with spunky young eyes. Young people think differently. They see you as an ancient relic that should be left to sit by yourself and simply blend with the wall decors. Why be bothered with what young people think?

Remember, senior citizens stay young by being hip. Keep away from notions on what is deemed suitable for ancient relics – dressing up like you suddenly woke up in the 1930’s or from the time when the Ford mobile roam the streets. You can be hip and sassy without going overboard like in wearing a bikini. If you have a fit body, with no flab spilling out your guts, then wear a bikini. If you have great legs, then show it. You can wear those body- hugging outfits if you have a slim and trim body to show. Do not mind those close-minded young splutters if they have a problem looking at a well-toned body of an older woman. That is their problem, not yours.

Being old doesn’t mean that you cease living in this world. What keeps people young at heart is knowing what goes on around them. So read the papers, scan the internet, know what’s in the news, and be updated about current trends. There is nothing like being able to hold our judgement when faced with ridiculous media hype. Prettify your surroundings to feel young and invigorated. Put some custom stuffed animals in your cabinets to warm up the room. Put colors around you to liven up your environment and plenty of flowers to brighten up your day.

One last thing is never to forget to exercise every day. The reasons for that are simple – it keeps you in shape, it gives your lungs some fresh air, and it tones down your muscles. Exercise keeps you lean and fit. Doing aerobics can help you forestall the need to bend over without anybody helping you to pull up. Exercise is an old age buster. It keeps you young, invigorated and alive. Who says that having those custom stuffed animals by your home gym is inappropriate? Nope, they are not! They make you feel young and alive as you do your early morning exercises to start a beautiful day!