The Funniest and Neatest Gift You Can Give

personalized stuffed animals Giving gifts is not just limited to holidays such as Christmas and birthdays. Giving gifts can be done anytime, regardless of the occasion. It can mean a lot of things, from showing one’s appreciation and gratitude or giving laughter to someone, to love, to friendship, to even a simple donation. And while it’s the thought that counts, it is especially more effective when you have the right gift to give with a twist of “humor“. And what better way to give the perfect gift than personalized stuffed animals.

The Origin of Stuffed Toys

Stuffed animals have been around for the longest of time, first sold commercially in the 1880s in Germany. Their popularity became widespread because of their distinct appearance that gives everyone a smile in their face. Their popularity surged, even more, thanks to a cartoon of Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt refused to shoot a defenseless bear cub.  Stuffed bears became wildly popular as a result.

And since then, more and more stuffed animals appeared on store shelves, sold almost everywhere. And in recent years, a modern trend continues to persist for stuffed toys in general – personalized stuffed animals. What these basically are is that they are stuffed animals, but they are customized according to the buyer’s specifications. And to add to that, one can make them look funny.

Fluffy and Funny Gift

“I collect stuffed animals, and toy stores make me happy.”
-Grace Slick

Stuffed toys come in a variety of ways. They can either be funny, they can be cool, or they can be customized to look like your favorite character from a TV show. And while you won’t have much luck in finding personalized plush pets near you, there’s a lot of websites that specialize in personalized stuffed animals and distributing them to eager customers all over the world.

But which custom stuffy is the right one for you? Take Custom Stuffed Pets, for example, who takes great pride in their work on plush pets. What makes them one of the standouts online is that they enable customers to write messages onto their selection.

Customized Stuffed Animals

personalized stuffed animalsBuyers can create custom messages onto the shirts of their selected stuffed toys.  It can either be birthday greetings, get well messages, funny notes or even an inspirational message. The possibilities are limitless with what kind of messages you’ll put into these stuffed animals.

If you’re not into messages, then how about personalized stuffed animals that are based on beloved pets? Enter Cuddle Clones, a website that can design customized stuffed animals using photos of beloved pets.  With Cuddle Clones, you can bring pets back to life in plush pet form!

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