iTunes Really Is A Joke

For years, iTunes still continues to dominate the online mobile market with its online store apps, music, games, and what not. But no matter how much you look at it and how much updates Apple throws into it, it still doesn’t change the fact that iTunes still is a joke that it’s just creating more headaches than it resolves longtime issues. And this has left many users both old and new searching for better iTunes alternatives elsewhere.
iTunes alternatives

Why does iTunes sucks so much these days?

Here’s a small list of problems that’s plaguing the current iPhone that makes you want to look for iTunes alternatives:

  1. There’s the whole issue of managing your music. If you’re familiar with the process of syncing, then you and many others can collectively go, “Ugh, syncing.” Syncing is the most problematic that still plagues iTunes to this day. Whether your phone is old or new, iTunes just seem to have issues with syncing general, which leads many to manually do it themselves, which can be a tiring option.
  2. The mysterious “other” storage that takes up a good majority of your phone’s storage. These made up of caches, logs, and files that suddenly pile up in your phone to the point where your phone slows down to a crawl.
  3. iTunes Match. At first, it all sounds good on paper – all your music gets stored on the iCloud, whether it’s from your phone or another computer, you can access it anytime anywhere. It’s great and all, if the thing would work for once. Too many times people would get the “Your library contains too many songs” error because tracks match all that reliably. It’s even worse when iSo much for efficient storage.
  4. Home sharing function. Like with iTunes match, great idea subpar execution. The idea is that you can share your music library with others in a network. The problem is that it’s unreliable, where it works for some people, but doesn’t work for others, often with no reason.
  5. The newer iTunes removed the ability to open multiple, windows, greatly cutting downtime to get things done, as well as limiting accessibility. Why such a simple function was removed remains a mystery.

So, iTunes is no longer good. What’s the best alternative?

If you’re someone who’s utterly sick of iTunes and are desperate for any iTunes alternatives, then you can breathe a sigh of relief because you’re not alone who is feeling this way, and there’s a lot out there that would definitely kick iTunes to the curb with their far superior functionality thanks to the website iTunes Alternatives.

But you may ask yourself, “What app does it offer that’ll help me cure of the iTunes headache forever?”

Then feast your eyes on Wondershare TunesGo, one of the leading names on iTunes alternatives.

Why should you choose Wondershare TunesGo?

Here are some reasons why TunesGo is better than iTunes:

  • It’s got better music management!
  • It’s got better FILE management!
  • It’s got YouTube access!
  • It’s got metadata cleanup!
  • It’s got a restriction-free library!

And there you have it. Five simple reasons why TunesGo Wondershare is better than iTunes. What are you waiting for? Get Wondershare today, and you won’t be disappointed. Visit for more information!

Keeping Yourself Young At Heart

Age is a state of mind. It doesn’t mean that having gray hair and creaky bones is old. Nope, you’re far from that. Despite having a ravaged body with flab spilling out of your guts, you still see the multi-colored world with spunky young eyes. Young people think differently. They see you as an ancient relic that should be left to sit by yourself and simply blend with the wall decors. Why be bothered with what young people think?

Remember, senior citizens stay young by being hip. Keep away from notions on what is deemed suitable for ancient relics – dressing up like you suddenly woke up in the 1930’s or from the time when the Ford mobile roam the streets. You can be hip and sassy without going overboard like in wearing a bikini. If you have a fit body, with no flab spilling out your guts, then wear a bikini. If you have great legs, then show it. You can wear those body- hugging outfits if you have a slim and trim body to show. Do not mind those close-minded young splutters if they have a problem looking at a well-toned body of an older woman. That is their problem, not yours.

Being old doesn’t mean that you cease living in this world. What keeps people young at heart is knowing what goes on around them. So read the papers, scan the internet, know what’s in the news, and be updated about current trends. There is nothing like being able to hold our judgement when faced with ridiculous media hype. Prettify your surroundings to feel young and invigorated. Put some custom stuffed animals in your cabinets to warm up the room. Put colors around you to liven up your environment and plenty of flowers to brighten up your day.

One last thing is never to forget to exercise every day. The reasons for that are simple – it keeps you in shape, it gives your lungs some fresh air, and it tones down your muscles. Exercise keeps you lean and fit. Doing aerobics can help you forestall the need to bend over without anybody helping you to pull up. Exercise is an old age buster. It keeps you young, invigorated and alive. Who says that having those custom stuffed animals by your home gym is inappropriate? Nope, they are not! They make you feel young and alive as you do your early morning exercises to start a beautiful day!

Laughing Yourself Fit


The importance of a laughing on improving your health is no funny matter. Several studies have shown that laughing is the key to improving your overall disposition and keeping your heart and immunity at full strength.

If you-you are eager to know how laughter is the key to your health fitness like weight loss and keeping your heart at a safer state gives the full information you may need.

There is a known connection between health and laughter, and that connection is based on sound science. The study of humor and laughter in relationship to your body is no joking matter.

Laughter and the Immune System:

In two separate studies, one conducted at Indiana State University the other at Loma Linda University, test subjects were asked to watch a funny sixty-minute video. Blood samples were taken before and after the viewing. In both comparisons, subjects showed an increase in activity of immune cells engaged for the early acknowledgment and removal of virus and tumor cells as well as a decrease in baseline stress hormone levels after being exposed to humor. It’s not uncommon for one to try forskolin for weight loss and see fast results; Synthetic pills are not to be taken lightly.

Laughter and Cardiovascular Health:

One of the effects of uncontrolled mental stress is to destroy the endothelium which is meant to be a shield to line out blood vessels. If this function is depressed, one would see an increase in inflammation which leads to terrible side effects like increased cholesterol build-up and an increase in clogged arteries, which could result in a heart attack.

Cardiologists at University of Maryland Medical Center advise that a good sense of humor and the ability to laugh at stressful situations helps lessen the harmful effects of the stress response and can increase cardiovascular health.

Laughter and Diabetes:

Laughter also seems to help diabetics control blood sugar, hence the reason many try forskolin for weight loss. A team of Japanese researchers at the University of Tsukuba in Ibaraki, Japan performed a study of 19 people with type 2 diabetes. They collected the patients’ blood before and two hours after a ladies-laughing-in-yoga-classmeal. The patients attended an annoying 40-minute lecture after dinner on the first night of the study and a 40-minute comedy show on the second night. The study showed patients’ had better control of blood sugar after the comedy show than after the lecture.

For those who may not be as jovial as others don’t worry, even the staunchest “stick in the mud” can lighten up. Developing or refining your particular sense of humor may be easier than you think. Use the following tips to help make laughter a part of your wellness plan.

Don’t take yourself so seriously:

Develop a sense of humor and look for the amusement in every situation.

Keep funny in front of you:

Find simple items, such as comic strips or photos that you find funny and put them in your office or your wallet. Read those funny emails that get passed around, browse the internet or bookstore for a few good jokes to keep in your repertoire and pass them along. The benefits of a good laugh are contagious. Just remember know what isn’t funny. Some forms of humor are not appropriate, especially in the workplace. Don’t laugh at the expense of others. Also when you are aware that someone is using products like forskolin for weight loss try and be sensitive.

Hang out with funny people:

After acknowledging all this, how can you implement the habit of humor and jokes to keep from the heart attack? The maintenance of a light-hearted provision is necessary for preventing heart attacks. Whenever the stress began keeping, these situations can restrain your stress and anxiousness. Humor and jokes not only create natural laughter but also help maintain favorable mental health. Thence in every day tough working life humor and jokes is not only necessary to gain laughter in your life, but it also keeps you fit in the life.

We leave you with this awesome group of ladies who are shedding the lbs by laughing out loud!

Humor Sphere: Our Stresser Analysis

My Date with an IP Stresser: How Tough Can You Be?

IP Stressers can be annoying, and most of the time, they’re going to have a very serious effect on how you’re operating with your computer. This is a story that should tickle your funny bone, as well as get you a little more heated up. I never want to deal with those online people who take everything way too seriously, but I also have no problem trying to interact with others over the internet. I know there is a lot of different things on the internet that could do your wrong, and that’s why so many people have anti-viruses and such. I’m not the smartest person on the planet, and my computer isn’t going to be an item that I’m very good with – that’s why this battle was something that I wasn’t very fond of. The person who was IP Stressing me probably didn’t have any real intentions, as I wasn’t even do anything that could warrant the process.

I felt like I had to stand up to the person who was IP Stressing me, so I decided to follow the signal back to whomever was sending it over. They actually IP Stressed em all day, which meant I wasn’t able to use the internet at all. I actually conduct all of my work through the use of the internet, so I wasn’t able to make any cash the entire day. I decided that enough was enough, the person who was attacking me wasn’t going to do so anymore.

IP Stressing: Is It Hard to Do?

Turns out it’s a lot harder to do than I thought, because I was on Google searching for a solution almost all day. Apparently, the only thing you can do is just wait out the attack and hope for your modem or router to reset itself. I tried to do a “hard reset” a couple of times, but it seems as if I never had a chance to even defend myself. I don’t like the fact that a lot of people don’t really care for trying to let people play fair – I was beginning to thing that the person attacking me as a competitor. I’m an online agent that focuses on many different things on YouTube, and the competition is as stiff as it comes. The idea of an IP stresser coming up when I least expect it, especially with such a large service like the one I linked out to earlier, it’s hard to defend against. With all of this being said, I still had to prosper and make my money another way.

It’s strange how many people don’t understand that getting kicked off of your router is possible, because they aren’t the most savvy people when it comes to computers. Computers are tough! With stuff like IP Stressing, you are almost always going to be put at risk while online. It hurts to say, but that’s just the way things are – if only you could personally visit the house of every single person IP Stressing others out there right now.

With a little bit of time, IP Stressing is going to (hopefully) become a thing of the past.

The Landscaping Company With A Sense of Humor

Rarely do landscaping companies combine power tools and fun experiences. These are two contrasting concepts. However, HML Construction Edmonton landscaping company actually manage to accomplish this. They are well known for their cheerful technicians and high quality expertise. They maintain a cheerful, comedic performance for both commercial and residential landscaping jobs. You can view all services offered here. Not only do they tackle landscapes, they also work on concrete surfaces with a truly fulfilling result that is sure to cheer you up every time you see it. Examples of activities that they conduct when working on concrete surfaces is to build decks made of concrete, curbs as well as walls.

The humorous landscaping team

employees at HML
One technician determines the spirit of the workers in a landscaping team. This responsibility falls on the able shoulders of the foreman. The HML Edmonton landscaping foreman is always smiling and ready to crack a joke that will have the whole crew heaving in laughter. Working with him is a hoot and the results show. With many years of experience, the HML landscaping team always creates amazing works of art in every compound they work on. The technicians working under the foreman have experience in various fields of industry for example irrigation, plumbing, horticulture, design as well as plumbing. As such, they are a fun, jolly & capable bunch. If you want a landscape that reflects the joy of the men who created it, simply hire HML Landscape Construction & Maintenance company.
The sure sign of a reliable landscaping company is a great portfolio of services. HML Edmonton landscaping is capable of conducting many more services in addition to landscaping. Read on to discover what these comedians in hard hats are capable of.

Taking care of the community

charity dunk tank event
HML Landscaping is always taking steps to improve the community. They recently participated in a charity event to raise money for a children’s playground. One of the activities in the charity event was a dunk tank. Various members of the HML landscaping team took turns sitting on the collapsing seat. The children screamed in joy whenever one of them hit the target and sent a technician straight into the water. Amid the scores of kids enjoying the dunk tank, there was music and goodies for everyone as money was raised for the kids. The community is always at the heart of HML landscaping. As such, whenever you hire this company to repair or install additions in your landscape, be sure that the technicians put their heart into every job. As such, you can expect

Sewing For The Soul

Sewing is a breathtaking interest to take up. Whether you are trying to make a dress or put together a toe bag,  the same essential abilities are used. All this could be done with best sewing machines for beginners out there in the market.

With a modest measure of leisure time, anyone can arrange and make numerous phenomenal sewing experiments that make life more agreeable or make your surroundings somewhat more satisfying. On the off chance that you are experiencing some difficulty conceptualizing, here are a couple of thoughts that to get your new juices flowing:

Home Decorating

fundamental-stitchConsidering the volume of TV programs on home embellishing, the desire to make your surroundings look more beautiful is a creation away! Learning to use a needle and string rather than a sledge and nails is bringing a surprising amount of joy to individuals. Sourcing the best sewing machine for beginners is not difficult, you just have to know your sewing interest.

Some of these sewing activities include case window hangings, curtains,  throws made from fabrics of embellishing stitches. You can make splendidly shaded cushions that match any of your finishing plans, making anything coordinate. Far superior, handling one of these sewing undertakings gives you a feeling of pride that any do-it-yourself er ought to have.

Solid Tote Bags

On the off chance that you have seen an open TV pledge drive, you may have seen a tote pack being presented as an impelling to achieve a sure level of gift. A rough sack is an awesome thing to have, tote-bag-measuringwhether it’s utilized to take along get-away things to the shoreline or library books to your home. Be that as it may, why acknowledge a sack that does not commend your feeling of style?

A tote pack is a nearly straightforward sewing venture that does not cost all that much for materials. Just a simple measure of fabric left over from different undertakings would accomplish the assembly of the tote pack, or if you need to make a tote for a youngster, you wouldn’t need much material. It’s more important to use the best sewing machine for beginners and not an industrial machine that will be cumbersome.

A Project for Fun

Sewing can help you create things that are useful. Also, you can create projects alongside your kids, teaching them the rules of measurement and patience. With a tad of ability and little practice, you can make stuffed toys for children. It’s remarkable that an individual without much experience can create a toy that a child would love to have. A well-made doll is a well-crafted gift that will keep on giving.

The advantage of cultivating your sewing abilities is the capacity to control the way projects come together. Joy comes from creation, and it will soon be yours with the power of a needle and a stitch.

The Only Time Leaks Are Actually Funny

cartoon character holding bucket of leaking water

Did you know that laughing or smiling could prolong your life; especially when you find a way to laugh through stress. Who doesn’t welcome a good joke when times are rough! Studies show that jokes that make you laugh work the muscles in your face and release endorphin’s that bring comfort and calm.

Recently our water main broke and flooded half of the house. We needed something positive to focus on so, we found ourselves pulling together water related jokes. These puns go out to those who are having problems with water systems and are forced to call on water leak detection system experts. Here you will find water leak jokes that will pull you through a rough time.

What did the sink say to the water faucet? You’re a real drip.

Why is the letter T like an island? Because it’s in the middle of water!!!

Where do you think the name wiki leaks originated? The guy had water leaks!

Can you name the types of leaks…..water leaks, wiki leaks, gas leaks, etc.

How do you make holy water? Boil the hell out of it!

Steve asked me to give him a quotation for repairing the water leaks in his home. I told him it was cheaper to buy a whole new garden

Would you prefer press leaks or water leaks? Water leaks… why? They are expensive to fix as compared to press leaks that are free and cheap!

A man compared his water bills for two consecutive months; there was a big difference in the usage. What was the difference? Water leaks.

If there’s H2O on the inside of a fire hydrant, what’s on the outside? K9P.

These jokes are a bit cheesy, but we hope these puns were able to bring you some joy when facing a terrible situation!