The Landscaping Company With A Sense of Humor

Rarely do landscaping companies combine power tools and fun experiences. These are two contrasting concepts. However, HML Construction Edmonton landscaping company actually manage to accomplish this. They are well known for their cheerful technicians and high quality expertise. They maintain a cheerful, comedic performance for both commercial and residential landscaping jobs. You can view all services offered here. Not only do they tackle landscapes, they also work on concrete surfaces with a truly fulfilling result that is sure to cheer you up every time you see it. Examples of activities that they conduct when working on concrete surfaces is to build decks made of concrete, curbs as well as walls.

The humorous landscaping team

employees at HML
One technician determines the spirit of the workers in a landscaping team. This responsibility falls on the able shoulders of the foreman. The HML Edmonton landscaping foreman is always smiling and ready to crack a joke that will have the whole crew heaving in laughter. Working with him is a hoot and the results show. With many years of experience, the HML landscaping team always creates amazing works of art in every compound they work on. The technicians working under the foreman have experience in various fields of industry for example irrigation, plumbing, horticulture, design as well as plumbing. As such, they are a fun, jolly & capable bunch. If you want a landscape that reflects the joy of the men who created it, simply hire HML Landscape Construction & Maintenance company.
The sure sign of a reliable landscaping company is a great portfolio of services. HML Edmonton landscaping is capable of conducting many more services in addition to landscaping. Read on to discover what these comedians in hard hats are capable of.

Taking care of the community

charity dunk tank event
HML Landscaping is always taking steps to improve the community. They recently participated in a charity event to raise money for a children’s playground. One of the activities in the charity event was a dunk tank. Various members of the HML landscaping team took turns sitting on the collapsing seat. The children screamed in joy whenever one of them hit the target and sent a technician straight into the water. Amid the scores of kids enjoying the dunk tank, there was music and goodies for everyone as money was raised for the kids. The community is always at the heart of HML landscaping. As such, whenever you hire this company to repair or install additions in your landscape, be sure that the technicians put their heart into every job. As such, you can expect

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